Commercial Cards

Eliminate paper receipts

Generate, submit, and approve expense reports with Corpay ExpenseTrack, designed for use with Corpay Multi-card. Our mobile-friendly app enables teams to easily manage their purchases and reimbursements while meeting your company’s compliance needs.


In-network suppliers paid


large-market commercial Mastercard® issuer in North America


Active vendors

Cardholder Mobile App          Approver Mobile App


Open App

From mobile, cardholder selects “Capture Receipt”


Photograph Receipts

Cardholder captures receipt images through app; attaches receipt to card transaction



Cardholder submits expense report. Receipt images automatically attached


Open App

From mobile, approver selects “Approval Tasks”


Review Transactions

Approver reviews the report, image, coding, total, line items, and additional approvers


Approve Expense Report

Once approved, expense items are included in export to ERP for reconciliation

person on mobile phone

Always be ready with our mobile-friendly application

  • Capture receipt date and amount with mobile OCR technology. Auto-match the photo of your receipt to the card transaction to make it easier to finish and submit your expense reports.

  • You will even get mobile app notifications when you have new expenses to manage or approve.

  • Help maintain real-time control over expenditures and your card management program.

person on laptop

Simplify and automate your workflows and approvals

  • Transactions are automatically loaded and expense reports created in line with your company's reporting cycles. Transactions can be automatically coded based on the cardholder, expense item or merchant category.

  • Simplify and manage accounting details on behalf of all of your cardholders by using the Manage Transactions feature to report, monitor, and act on expenses without having to fumble through different expense reports.

hand on laptop trackpad

Implement your internal policies and controls

Use the control feature to ensure that your cardholders only make purchases that are authorized and in compliance with your corporate policies. Set limits and approval requirements for each cardholder.

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