Streamline Your Company's Payables Process

Payment Automation for the Enterprise

Our AP automation solution is built to alleviate the biggest challenges in your payment process. From data management to vendor services, we set the bar for success.

  • Never touch payment data
  • Manage complex AP processes with ease
  • Strengthen vendor relationships
  • Mitigate risk of payment errors and fraud

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Corpay Ranks #1 in Customer Satisfaction

Accordling to verified customer reviews on G2, Corpay is the highest-rated Enterprise Payment Software

Why Choose Corpay

No More DIY
Our team enrolls all your vendors in our network at the same time you’re onboarding, and we continuously enable new vendors as you pay them.

No More Managing
Vendor Payment Data
Corpay has a team dedicated to validating, updating, and securing your vendors' banking information and payment method acceptance.

No More Fielding
Payment Inquiries
Our team proactively resolves unprocessed payments with your vendors, and serves as the direct contact for any questions.

No More Fear of
Payment Fraud
We explicitly assume liability and indemnify you against loss for every payment we send on your behalf.